CRYPTO TRADING as an investment option is a much more assured way to invest in
cryptocurrency and earn steady passive income.

Zen Credit Limited has made Crypto Trading
hassle-free for the masses

With Zen Credit Limited, all you have to do is leverage the services of our Crypto Trading platform, and you’re on your way to earning appreciable returns on your investment.

Our smart contracts provide opportunities to both crypto enthusiasts and non-tech savvy people to participate in the process of Trading Crypto.

Instead of purchasing Forex analysis that could be wrong or entered incorrectly by you thereby ensuing in losses, you can simply open an account and start earning a steady passive income with our smart contracts.

What is Crypto?
How it works


COVID-19 and the Economy

COVID-19 is not only a global pandemic and public health crisis; it has also severely affected
the global economy and financial markets.


Due to the current COVID crisis, FIAT's are losing their value (and further loss is expected) while people all around the world are losing trust in centralized bank systems.

Investing in Crypto Trading is a great opportunity for earning extra money, making a passive income, and fighting the crisis, but trading isn't for everybody as cryptos are extremely volatile, trading activities require knowledge, time, and a decent budget for your initial investments.



Crypto Investment is globally recognized as the best chance to fight the crisis and avoid great loss of money, allowing people to have control over their deposits and investments.

Zen Credit Limited does all the heavy lifting for you by reducing the costs associated with losses and tools for analysis therby allowing you for a true - 100% - passive income with a smaller initial investment, saving you time and most importantly, eliminating the risk of losing your capital.

Zen Credit Limited

About Us

Zen Credit Limited is the most reasonable, safest, profitable and best cutting-edge
Crypto Trading platform available at this time.

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Zen Credit Limited

is an active company incorporated on 21 April 2004 with the registered office located in London, Greater London. Zen Credit Limited has been running for 17 years. The mission is to leverage our research & development team to enable business entities to fully transition and maximize the benefits through various application of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) including trading and mining of cryptocurrencies. As a licensed United Kingdom-based Crypto Trading company,we help provides partners with top notch trading services. We are committed to providing an innovative investment service that is controlled by our experienced professionals, generating profits exclusively from Cryptocurrency Trading.

Our team is made-up of technical developers, traders, and analysts with more than five years of experience who know Crypto Trading inside-out, enabling the platform not only to generate stable returns in modern realities but also convenient for use for beginners, minor crypto investors and professional capital managers.

We stand for money without limits. That’s why we are providing a wide range of investment solutions covering all aspects of stable, passive earnings on Crypto Trading in just a few clicks!


Investment Contracts

Our smart contracts are run with a disciplined and conservative investment approach
and keeps rewarding our clients with consistently strong long-term returns.

Choose any of our Crypto Trading smart contracts to earn a high rate of returns on
Our Crypto Trading, without buying any Crypto Trading software.

$100 - $4,999


Contract Duration : 1 Day

Daily ROI : 2%

Maintenance fee: included

Crypto Coin TIER-1 Package

$5,000 - $14,999


Contract Duration : 1 Day

Daily ROI : 3%

Maintenance fee: included

Crypto Coin TIER-1 Package

$15,000 - $39,999


Contract Duration : 1 Day

Daily ROI : 5%

Maintenance fee: included

Crypto Coin TIER-1 Package

$40,000 - $100,000


Contract Duration : 1 Day

Daily ROI : 6%

Maintenance fee: included

Crypto Coin TIER-1 Package

$5,000 - $25,000


Contract Duration : 1 Day

Daily ROI : 7%

Maintenance fee: included

Crypto Coin TIER-1 Package

$26,000 - $50,000


Contract Duration : 1 Day

Daily ROI : 10%

Maintenance fee: included

Crypto Coin TIER-1 Package

$51,000 - $100,000


Contract Duration : 1 Day

Daily ROI : 15%

Maintenance fee: included

Crypto Coin TIER-1 Package

$150,000 - $5,000,000


Contract Duration : 1 Day

Daily ROI : 20%

Maintenance fee: included

Crypto Coin TIER-1 Package



The program like enables me to execute the kind of one-on-one business Ive looking for. Its the kind of product that is taking our business to a different level.

James Pennyworth, Real Estate Agent, UK

Ive always liked good stylish programs, but never invested quite enough to have a good profit. Now, thanks to Zen Credit Limited, we have a program we can be proud of.

Paul Willis, Pro Trader, USA

Your company is exactly what I was looking for – clear, clean, continuous, with a focus on clients. Thank you so much for your work.

Rose Powell, Bitcoin Analyst, Canada

Easy, Fast And reliable. got my profits immediately after trading. is Awesome

James Kirk, Model, South Africa



Status Amount Wallet
approved $100,000 f007e92cc9f82ba9c8c40c481eec7315fa9abcd85e7249a6cb57e38a2cf22d3e
approved $20,000 376e809b02e6ef044f6d5cf5b72111f25f3c3e16a93dce865a178e2e0f5c484c
pending $9,000 f007e92cc9f82ba9c8c40c481eec7315fa9abcd85e7249a6cb57e38a2cf22d3e
approved $1,000 376e809b02e6ef044f6d5cf5b72111f25f3c3e16a93dce865a178e2e0f5c484c0
pending $15,000 8a2b9781aa4995625af7d2b008f020ac74e7e0d2a599e93ed995f7c3bc2be9f2
pending $9,000 f0b66ce7a33bbc63bf50050beaf52be71709c359aa1d344bb90f943690485661
approved $1,000 3a17c5984af22cd7a443f14457841b3b19a51ea75a30e18bc6a82e4f8732dbca
approved $15,000 15c3a97edbd606bd1e455aa2875677f5c6cd2b804e9054e898f640d313e39781

We Trade

Crypto Trading

With more than 7000 cryptocurrencies already invented, choosing the best
cryptocurrencies to Trade on is not an easy task.


We at Zen Credit Limited study, observe, analyze, and Trade the most popular cryptocurrencies for years extensively and settled on the four most stable and profitable cryptocurrencies that are making headlines around the globe.

We Trade

Bitcoin, using SHA-512 algorithm

Ethereum, using ETHASH algorithm

Litecoin, using Scrypt algorithm

DASH, using X11 algorithm

Hash Grid token-distribution

With US

With US

You get to experience a powerful and organised platform
which allows you to access your full potential of earning stable passive income.

Hash Grid Coin Image

By leveraging Zen Credit Limited Crypto Trading, businesses or individuals can easily participate in crypto currency trading. So, you don't need to be always online or have the trading technical know how to make profits with us. You can go to sleep while we trade the cryptocurriences and deposit the daily profits into your wallets.

  • Stable income for every investor
  • Affiliate Reward Program
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Professional support



Here are some of the frequently asked questions and everything else you need to know.

Zen Credit Limited is an advanced Crypto Trading platform that profoundly integrates crypto technologies into the traditional economic system, making crypto trading accessible to everyone by providing a fully secure and profitable crypto trading experience at your fingertips.
We, focused on Trading on the best paying cryptocurrencies by utilizing advanced AI risk management, Blockchain technologies, and protocols.
Zen Credit Limited allows Investors to create an account and remotely participate in the process of cryptocurrency trading for a basic cost to accumulated coin via everyday ROI in real-time without having to install and directly run any hardware and related software. Since all the trading is done remotely, it reduces issues such as maintenance of equipment or direct energy costs, making Trading accessible to a wider range of investors across the globe.
At this moment, Zen Credit Limited trades on all profitable Cryptocurrencies.
We accept BITCOIN, ETHERUM, USDT, LITECOIN, TRON AND dogecoin Deposits/ Witdrawals.
You can register as many accounts as you want. However, all accounts must have different user names and email addresses.
You can't change your email address and User Id because this function is disabled for security reasons.
Upon Verification withdrawals are instant and can be done at any time of your choosing.
You can change your password directly from your dashboard area by editing it in your profile.
Click here to login and reset your password.
You may activate your desired Trading contract by selecting an Invesment plan and making a deposit.
No. You can olny activate one tradingcontract at a time.
We accept the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Perfect Money payment systems.
Your trading contract should be activated immediately if you use Perfect Money. If you use cryptocurrencies, it could be some time lag required for getting confirmations by the Blockchain network. For deposits in cryptocurrencies, we need at least three confirmations.
The first ROI is deposited into your income wallet within 24 hours of your Trading contract activation, and this occurs daily, only on Working days of the week only.
All your accumulated ROI is deposited in your wallet.
You can withdraw this income everyday.
The minimum withdrawal is $100
All your referral commissions are deposited in your wallet.
You can withdraw these commissions every week.
The minimum withdrawal is $100
This is our newest feature.
We have added a new crypto exchange feature which allows you to exchange your coins
seamlessly and in no time.
And these exchanged coins can be withdrawn at any time.
All the withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours after receiving the withdrawal request. The maximum period is 48 business hours (i.e., two working days).
The fee on every withdrawal is 5% of the total withdrawal amount.



Have questions? We’re happy to help.

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